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When you ignore your business tax deductions...
you're missing out on thousands of dollars EVERY year.
You want to keep more money after taxes.
You want to put a system in place that will lower your business taxes year after year.

You want piece of mind knowing that all your tax deductions are 100% above-board, ethical and able to withstand tax audits.
Tax Deduction Clinic is for you! 
We'll give you the insights, information and resources to help you make it happen.
If you own a service-based small business, or consider yourself a freelancer or creative, Tax Deduction Clinic was designed specifically for you. 
If you’re like me, when you first set up shop, you were full of passion for your business...  Business tax deductions, on the other hand, were afterthoughts. (Am I right?!)
Unfortunately, when you ignore your business tax deductions, you're:
  • Leaving money on the table at tax time (at least thousands of dollars a year and sometimes tens of thousands)
  • Relying on the tax advice of people who don’t fully understand your business the way you do 
  • Without the ability to make the best decisions for your business money 
Whether your business brings in 4-figures or 7-figures,
You need to understand your business tax deductions. 
Once you understand the tax side of your business, you can put a system in place to take advantage of all of the tax deductions that your business is entitled to. 
On average, my clients deduct $30k MORE each year after working with me & applying these strategies.
I created
I know the power of maximizing your business tax deductions when you run a small business. In fact, it has made tens of thousands of dollars of difference for me & my family since 2008.

As I've worked with hundreds of individual small business owners and spoken to thousands in major cities throughout the U.S., I’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback and interest--especially about business tax deduction information. 

Let's be real: There aren’t many resources out there focusing on business tax deductions for small businesses (let alone explaining them at a relatable or digestible level).

Through the years, sooo many people have asked if I would JUST teach the tax deduction information in a complete, accessible format. And I’ll admit, while that sounded fun, it also sounded like a TON of work. 

But, as I’ve continued to see the incredible difference this information makes in people’s lives, I’ve jumped on board. 

Because I believe GOOD tax information should be available to all small business owners—male and female; four-figure-earners and seven-figure earners; and life-style-business owners as well as corporations. 

I want to help you save money, I want to make a helpful difference in your financial journey, and I want to help change your financial trajectory in a highly positive way
Whatever you call yourself--Small Business Owner, Freelancer, Creative...
I want to help you keep as much money in your pocket as possible. 
For your Business, for Yourself, and for your Family.
Upon purchase, you get INSTANT access plus...
  • 24/7 access to online tax deduction course
  • 60 videos and transcripts covering how to qualify for each business deduction, how to calculate each deduction, and how to document each deduction
  • 4 videos and transcripts on tax strategy
  • Important links to IRS tax publications and tax court summaries 
  • LIFETIME Membership 
  • Yearly updates (or more frequently, depending on changes to tax law)
  • Ability to join monthly Office Hours for help with course materials
Plus 3 Great Bonuses:
  • BONUS #1: A personal invitation to 3 LIVE group coaching calls where Erin will address your business tax deduction questions with you ($297 value)
  • BONUS #2: Membership in the Private Tax Deduction Clinic Facebook group with Erin plus her team and other community members to support you as you go through (and apply) course materials ($297 value)
  • BONUS #3: Ability to join weekly office hours where you can get help with your business tax deduction questions through the end of tax season ($199 value)
That's $1,792 TOTAL Value for $999
How understanding small business & creative tax deductions can 
add up to thousands of dollars in savings each year...
Tax Success Story 1:
One former client who operates a mental health office, was writing off several small ticket items that actually didn't fly as a business expenses (and if audited would open the door for quite a few penalties). Conversely, he discovered after working to maximize his business tax deductions, that there were several large items (in this case, a home office, retirement, employee fringe benefits, auto expenses and certain kinds of meals) which, when classified correctly, decreased his tax bill by 39k in one year alone.*

Tax Success Story 2:
With another former client who runs a social media agency, we focused on how to keep the proper expense documentation to ensure her piece of mind. In this process, she also learned exactly how to expense certain business production, travel costs and specific meals which decreased her tax bill from $45,624,094 to $0.*

Tax Success Story 3:
A former client who makes money through multi-level-marketing learned that she was writing off many smaller items that would be considered personal (and would make any audit a nightmare), so she put specific procedure in place. And during this process, she learned how to accurately and legally write off her home office, mileage, and content creation for marketing which decreased her tax bill by $10k (at at least $8k every year going forward).*

Tax Success Story 4: 
Another client runs a fashion and lifestyle blog, got a very clear picture of how to  separate her personal expenditures from what she shares online by following specific tax and IRS rulings and keeping particular business records. In the process of getting this clarity, she took back her financial confidence and decision-making abilities. Furthermore, she began to accurately and legally write off certain clothing costs needed for her business model, her home office space, home office utilities, a large (and accurate) percent of her auto expenses and travel which decreased her tax bill from $22,154 to $11,937 the first year she applied these principles, and over $30k the second year she filed taxes.*
All your questions about Tax Deduction Clinic answered
How does the newer 2017 tax reform affect what you teach?
Not a lot. While personal tax deductions pretty much disappeared from tax returns, business tax deductions exist and are going strong! The 2017 reform altered a few specific business tax deductions (Meals & Entertainment and Charitable Contributions, among others), but small changes like these happen more years than not--the difference is, the general public is not necessarily aware of or following changes to tax law. The Tax Deduct Clinic will be updated at least once a year (and more if needed due to new law or rulings). With your lifetime membership access, you'll get information about all the updates. 
Does it matter which state my business is located in?
No. Every business and freelancer within the US must file a federal tax return. Business tax deductions that reflect on your federal tax return, will reflect on your state tax return.
How is the course material laid out?
Good question! Our intention with the layout has been to make everything as simple as possible. We've divided the 74 top business tax deductions into 16 modules, with additional modules of tax strategy and bonus sections. Within the course, you will be free to follow everything as chronologically laid out, or skip between sections. You will also have the option to utilize the search bar if you're looking for help with a specific deduction. Each of the videos also has a downloadable transcript (if you prefer to read). 
I'm just starting out. Should I wait 'til I grow more to take the course?
Well, it depends. You could wait, but you will likely miss out on learning to deduct many things you'd be eligible for even if you're not yet bringing in a lot of income.  One of the reasons  Tax Deduction Clinic was created was so that "low" earning businesses could have just as good (and better!) tax information as large corporations. Because good tax deduction information helps you save thousands a year and make great financial decisions. Another bonus to starting with the course sooner is that you'll skip the delayed financial learning curve so many small business owners and freelancers experience a few years in (and in the meantime, you'll have saved thousands of dollars). 
My business makes multi-six figures, can this course *really* help me keep more money?
Remember Joe in the 3rd video of the free series? He saved about fifty-thousand dollars a year by maximizing his business tax deductions. One thing that's great about making more income, is that you have more to work with--which means you can take advantage of many deductions lower-earning businesses can't. Unless you've spent devoted time and effort on business tax deductions, you've probably got a lot to learn. Often small business owners and freelancers' overpayment of taxes only amplifies as their income grows. 
Is this ethical?
Yes. Tax Deduction Clinic teaches from tax law, IRS publications and opinions, and actual tax court decisions. We have no interest in teaching things that are illegal or unethical. 
What's your refund policy?
We fully believe so in the value of this material, and are invested in helping small business owners, creatives & freelancers with their business financials. With that said, if you don't find $999 in business tax deductions you haven't previously claimed, let us know within 30 days of your purchase  and we'll refund back your investment. So that we can verify your refund request and the lack of the course materials working for you, we'll ask you to provide previous and current tax return materials. We will also verify you actually went through the course. After you submit your materials, all refunds are within the Company's sole discretion as to whether to grant or deny the refund request. Please do not enroll in Tax Deduction Clinic if you want to "test it out." We put a great amount of energy and time into this course, and expect you to do the same. To submit your request, you must email within 30 days of your purchase (hard deadline).
Will you run this again?
Probably, however, this round offers several interactive high-touch bonus components (3 live coaching calls, membership to private Facebook community, and weekly office-hours through tax season), which will likely not be offered again. We also cannot guarantee that the price will not raise the next time we open for registration. If you're on the fence, we suggest you think about what ROI (return on investment) you need from the purchase of this course. Based off of the free 4-park workshop series, does it seem feasible you will start deducting more money each year? How will that pay you back come tax time???
Have a question that's not on this list?
Reach out to us ( and we'll get back to you asap.
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