Your business tax deductions are probably the last thing you think about. Which means you're likely missing out on tax deductions that could be saving your business thousands of dollars (or more) every year. Let’s fix that!
You  want to keep more money after taxes.

You want to put a system in place that will lower your business taxes year after year.

You want piece of mind knowing that all your tax deductions are 100% above-board, ethical and able to withstand tax audits.
The Tax Deduction Clinic is right for you! This live workshop and online course will give you the insights, information and resources to help you make it happen.
If you own a service-based small business, or consider yourself a freelancer or creative, Tax Deduction Clinic was designed specifically for you. 

If you’re like me, when you first set up shop, you were full of passion for your business...  Business tax deductions, on the other hand, were afterthoughts. (Am I right?!)
Unfortunately, when you ignore your business tax deductions, you're:
  • Leaving money on the table at tax time (at least thousands of dollars a year and sometimes tens of thousands)
  • Relying on the tax advice of people who don’t fully understand your business the way you do 
  • Losing the ability to make the best decisions for your business money 
Whether your business brings in $10k per year or $500k per year,
Once you understand the tax side of your business, you can put a system in place to take advantage of all of the tax deductions that your business is entitled to. 
On average, my clients keep at least $20k in their pocket every year after working with me.
Basically EVERYTHING That Can Be Considered a Small Business Tax Deduction!
In the Tax Deduction Clinic, we'll be:
  • Breaking down tax law into understandable and relatable terms
  • Detailing exactly how your business can qualify for each tax deduction
  • Showing you how to calculate and take each deduction
  • Explaining the documentation you need to keep in order to legally safeguard your deductions
  • Presenting relevant tax court cases to demonstrate problem areas (and how to avoid them)
Overview of Deduction Topics Covered
Many of the tax deduction topics listed are umbrella topics with multiple sub-issues that will affect what you can take as a tax deduction and how you take it
  • Home office (including how to expense utilities, improvements and repair)
  • Dues and Licenses
  • Subscriptions
  • Membership Fees + Non-Profit Memberships  
  • Charitable Donations
  • Office rentals, co-work spaces, & location rentals
  • Organizational Costs
  • Start-Up Costs
  • Postage, Mail Box Fees, Delivery and Couriers
  • Coaching and Consulting Expenses
  • Inventory (for Direct Sellers)
  • Production Costs (slightly different flavors for Bloggers, Performing Artists, Coaches, and those who produce their own content)
  • Office Supplies & Office Furniture
  • Software
  • Website Expenses
  • Professional Services (such as legal and accounting)
  • Clothing (for some bloggers and performers)
  • Professional Creative Services
  • Professional Conferences and Workshops (addressing both local and far)
  • Travel (lodging, transportation, and incidential costs)
  • Food (including meals & entertainment, de minimis meals, catering, promotional) 
  • Cell Phone, Phone & Internet
  • Continued Education
  • 1099 Subcontractors
  • Employees and Payroll  
  • Marketing Expenses (including giveaways and paid promotions)
  • Job Materials  
  • Commissions
  • Business Gifts
  • Auto Expenses (including parking, mileage & repairs)
  • Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Retirement Contributions
  • Awards
NOTE:  Most tax deduction topics covered are relevant to ALL small businesses and creative entrepreneurs, however, there will be a few special sections for Bloggers, Performing Artists, Direct Sellers, and Online Entrepreneurs and Coaches who create online content which cover tax deductions within the context of that specific industry.

Starts January 30th, 2018
The Tax Deduction Clinic includes an online course as well as live, interactive sessions. This limited-time offer will give you access to all of the following resources:
  • 24/7 access to my online tax deduction course. This course includes videos with in-depth descriptions of all the tax deductions you might need for your business.
  • 5 live calls over a 4-week period starting January 30th (if you can't make the live calls, recordings will be made available 48 hours after the call)
  • Q&A feature available within the online course
  • Downloadable tax deduction checklists
  • Downloadable IRS tax publications and tax court summaries 
  • Lifetime Membership to online course, which will be updated yearly (or more frequently, depending on changes to tax law)
How understanding small & creative business tax deductions can add to thousands of savings each year...
Tax Success Story 1:
One former client who operates a mental health office, was writing off several small ticket items that actually didn't fly as a business expenses (and if audited would open the door for quite a few penalties). Conversely, he discovered after working with me to maximized his tax deductions, that there were several large items (in this case, a home office, retirement, employee fringe benefits, auto expenses and certain kinds of meals) which, when classified correctly, decreased his tax bill by 39k in one year alone.*

Tax Success Story 2:
With another former client who runs a social media agency, we focused on how to keep the proper expense documentation to ensure her piece of mind. In this process, she also learned exactly how to expense certain business production, travel costs and specific meals which decreased her tax bill from $45,624,094 to $0.*

Tax Success Story 3:
A former client who makes money through multi-level-marketing learned that she was writing off many smaller items that would be considered personal (and would make any audit a nightmare), so she stopped that. And during this process, she learned how to accurately and legally write off her home office, mileage, and content creation for marketing which decreased her tax bill by $10k (at at least $8k every year going forward).*

Tax Success Story 4: 
Another client runs a fashion and lifestyle blog, got a very clear picture of how to  separate her personal expenditures from what she shares online by following specific tax and IRS rulings and keeping particular business records. In the process of getting this clarity, she took back her financial confidence and decision-making abilities. Furthermore, she began to accurately and legally write off certain clothing costs needed for her business model, her home office space, home office utilities, a large (and accurate) percent of her auto expenses and travel which decreased her tax bill from $22,154 to $11,937 the first year she applied these principles, and over $30k the second year she filed taxes.*
All your questions about Tax Deduction Clinic answered
Does it matter which state I'm from?
No. Every business and freelancer within the US must file a federal tax return. Expenses for your business at the federal level count as expenses for your business at the state level.
How will specialty areas be addressed (you know, since I'm a graphic designer, will I have to go through the clothing section)?
Good question! I created this course based off of my experiences with hundreds of clients, and to make everything as simple as possible. The majority of business tax deduction explanations and trainings apply to all small and creative businesses (now, sometimes, there is a little different terminology used depending on your industry like "desk fees" for realtors vs "association fees" but that will be noted within the explanations). As such, the majority of trainings will be labeled for everyone. However, there are a few special sections labeled by topic and industry addressing specific tax deduction issues for Bloggers, Performing Artists, Direct Sellers, and Online Entrepreneurs and Coaches who create online content. 
My profession isn’t specifically listed on your sales page - does that mean you can’t help me?
Great question! If you’re a service-based small business owner, creative or freelancer based in the U.S., then the Live Workshop Tax Deduction Clinic will help you! Direct sellers will be a great fit for this course as you're primarily service-based and we have a special section dealing with your inventory. If you have a more specific question, please reach out to our team at
I think I’m making too little money to get all the benefit out of this course….Do you have any guidelines?
It all depends. When you’re not making “a lot” (and let’s be clear “a lot” is very relative as some would call “a lot” $10k a year and others $100k), you probably want to zero out your income so that you’re paying very little taxes or none at all. I’m not an advocate for spending money on things just to avoid paying a tax bill, but with principles and implementation of this course, most will find there are thousands (if not tens of thousands) a year that they could be deducting if they just understood tax law and strategy. Personally, knowing what options were open to me down the line when my business brought in more income, has really influenced how and what I’ve bought—which in turn, has saved me tens of thousands of dollars for years now. When I look at my one-on-one clients, I see the same thing. Just knowing what you could do can really be helpful so that you set things up in the right way in each stage of business.
I think I’m make too much money to get all the benefit out of this course….Do you have any guidelines?
Sure! So, you probably know that you have to pay taxes… and maybe you’ve had to pay some unexpected really high tax bills. Or maybe you have a fantastic (or not so fantastic) tax planner that’s helped you in the past. I’m not an advocate for spending money on things just to avoid paying a tax bill, but with principles and implementation of Tax Deduction Clinic, most will find there are thousands (if not tens of thousands) a year that they could be deducting if they just understood tax law and strategy (rather than paying a huge tax bill).

Often, even when you’ve had your taxes filed by a professional—or used a tax planner, the professional is only looking at the reports you provide him with. They’re not asking lots of probing questions or spending time understanding exactly how your business operates because that would cost them a lot more time (and you more money). This matters because all business tax deductions are related to how a business brings in income. At the same time, you, the owner, know far more about what’s going on and what choices you’re facing every day. 

With this in mind, I’m a real advocate for freelancers and business owners understanding principles of tax deductions themselves so that even when you hire someone to file your taxes, you are able to hand them reports showing everything that can be written off and are able to share everything that's relevant for your tax situation. In the best case scenario, you're not relying on someone to ask questions that never come. So for those who think their write-off strategy is pretty good, it might be. So if you don't find any additional items to deduct, the best part of this course might be that it gives you a better understanding of tax deductions and more confidence to your approach.
Is this ethical?
Yes. My business teaches tax law and actual tax court decisions and publications. We have no interest in teaching things that are illegal or unethical. You'll find ONLY facts and exactly how to apply the law to your particular business' tax deductions. As it turns out, when you take the time to apply tax law and structure your dealings in the proper way, there's really no reason to act unethically.
Will this information still be relevant when new tax laws pass?
Yes. Right now the tax law that is being considered will NOT majorly change business tax deductions (it may change business credits, rates taxed, and the structure of pass-through entities).  However, business tax deductions rules do change occasionally, and more often tax court rulings can change how businesses should approach certain business tax deductions. The course component will be updated at least once every year and with your Lifetime Membership Access, you will have access to all those updates. Tax Deduction Clinic does not address business credits (which tend to change a lot from year-to-year) and are in addition to tax deductions (also considered business expenses) that your tax filing may show. Most small businesses, creatives and freelancers do not qualify for business tax credits.
What's your refund policy?
Once the Live Workshop Tax Deduction Clinic goes live on January 15, 2018, you will have up to 5 days to request a no-questions asked refund. To receive a refund, you must email your request to prior to 12 a.m. (midnight) CST on January 19th, 2018.
Will you run this again?
This will be the ONLY live version of this workshop priced at $999 ($699 if purchase before December 19th). Any other Tax Deduction Clinics with live components will be charged at a higher, premium rate. At this time, we only have plans to run Tax Deduction Clinic in January 2018. So, if you're on the fence, please join as we don't know when we'll offer the Live Workshop or course components again.
Have a question that's not on this list?
Reach out to us ( and we'll get back to you asap.
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